[MLB-WIRELESS] Free P2P phones usb adaptor

Rob Clark clark at FreeNet-Antennas.com
Wed Nov 12 20:49:48 EST 2003

The USB/RJ11 box
performs these functions:
1) Analog->Digital & Digital->Analog converter for the voice (Note: it
does NOT do any compression)
2) Generates 'battery' voltage (DC) to power the phone
3) Generates 'ring' voltage (AC) to cause the phone handset to ring
(incoming calls)
4) Notifies the PC when the handset is 'off hook'

My experiences:
1) Initially used with the software that shipped with the units (forgot
the name). It worked...but even with a 1.8 GHz PC...voice quality was
average at best. It was great that the phone just 'rang' when there was
an incoming call. But ... To MAKE a call - the bloody software insisted
on at least ONE keyboard/mouse command. (eg to go off hook). After that
you could dial a number via the mouse, keyboard, or the phone handset.
(The number could be an IP address if I remember correctly). This fact
that a human had to touch the keyboard/mouse for an outgoing call
seriously limited the functionality - as I wanted to connect it to an
unused line on my PABX. Incoming calls were OK, but I could not make
'automatic' outgoing calls using the handset alone.

2) Currently using the X-lite software (see
http://www.freeworldialup.com/) with the box acting as a simple A->D,
D->A converter. X-Lite does not know how to make the box 'ring', nor can
it detect 'off hook'. But... Voice quality with X-lite is much better
than the SW supplied with the box.

My FWD number (along with my 'online', or not, status) is at the botton
of this page.

Give me a call!


Rob Clark

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>I have two of these devices.
>As me questions if you like.

Maybe you can share your experiences.  Also, what software are you using

with them?

73 de VK3JED

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