[MLB-WIRELESS] Free P2P phones will pressure telcos

Jason Hecker jhecker at wireless.org.au
Wed Nov 12 14:56:38 EST 2003

> I would much prefer a 802.11a/b/g device as my house is covered with
> that but I don't know if there are any cordless headsets on the market
> that would be suitable?

I was thinking recently how nice it'd be to use a normal phone for VoIP. 
  I have an old FM analogue cordless phone at home which I'll see if I 
can hotwire the soundcard to the internals, bypassing the transhybrid 
circuit and gyrator and hook the lineout and mic directly to the audio 
lines on the radio section.  You could possibly hotwire a pin from the 
parallel port to activate the ring logic too....  Hrmmmmm.....

Anyone done this, BTW?

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