Peter Buncle peter at nmc.net.au
Mon Nov 10 09:26:49 EST 2003


Node GUR uplink is active full time. 

SSID gur on channel 2

Running a prism card + amp + omni to bring it up to legal tx & eliminate
the rx cable
loss with the amp being mast mounted.
If anyone manages to stumble this one around town please let me know.
I have run some tests & have managed to pick it up strongly in the city
12 floors up at -76dbm
with a 25db grid. We have a pretty clear LOS to the city.

I suggest you try a 24db grid on vertical pol if you want to link to it
reliably but contact me if you 
get a good connect & we'll allocate you an ip address.

Our uplink to GHO is pretty stable now to with many thanks to John for
those already connected.

Happy stumbling,


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