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Hello Dear,
I hereby humbly write to solicit for your cooperation and 
assistance in a mutual beneficial Business transaction that

required absolute confidentiality This may come to you as 
asurprise as we have never meet Before, I got your contact 
frominternationalJournal which I saw in the office of an 
International consultant. 
I am the former minister of commerce and industry in Sierra

Leone during the regime of the former head of state major 
Jonny Koromah. The rebel leader who waslater forced by the 
ECOMOG forces and restore the legitimate government of 
Ahmed Tijan kahba who then ordered for the 
retirement of all the ministers, top Government officials 
and some army Generals for alleged corruption and 
mismanagement of public fund. 
After my retirement, there was civil war in my Country 
Sierra Leone as a result of that I decided to leave my 
Country with the help of a friend who is a diplomat in 
Republic of Benin Embassy in Sierra Leone. 
Now I am in Cotonuo, Republic of Benin, there is available 
cash of (US18.5 Million Dollars) Eighteen Million Five 
Hundred Thousand Dollars which has been tactfully secured 
in a Reputable security company, here in Cotonou. This 
money was then deposited during my tenure as a minister. 
I need your assistant to secure and invest this money in 
your Country.I don't want to invest this money in this sub 
region due to poor economic policy, and also for security 
It is my desire to invest this money in Agriculture 
Industry or any other business you may suggest. 
Please I need your help, is true we have not meet before 
but I believe I can trust a person with your kind of 
reputation with whom I can build a solid bus! iness 

I will compensate you with 15% of the total sum; while the 
remaining will be for investment according to your valuable

advise. If you are interested and ready to assist, contact 
me immediately on this number: Tel 229-981193 fax 229-
E-mail:mazioke at caramail.com
E-mail:mazioke at gawab.com

Thanks and God bless. 
Kalou Mazi Oke
 Look Good, Feel Good www.healthiest.co.za

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