[MLB-WIRELESS] IMPORTANT - Nominations Close tomorrow! + memberships

vak at alphalink.com.au vak at alphalink.com.au
Thu Nov 6 22:06:48 EST 2003

Hi Folks,

This is a final call for those wishing to nominate for positions on the
2003/2004 Melbourne Wireless Committee. Nominations close 7pm TOMORROW
(Friday 7th November 2003).

Remember, if you nominate yourself, you must find a current financial
member to second your nomination, otherwise it be deemed to be invalid.

Also note, in order to nominate for a position, you must be a current
financial member. Those who have have renewed their membership but have not
paid, will have the ability to pay ON THE NIGHT OF THE AGM. This also
applies to memberships received but not processed.

Note: In order to vote on the night, YOUR MEMBERSHIP FORM MUST BE RECEIVED
BY THE COMMITTEE BY NO LATER THAN 12PM SUNDAY! (Contact me if you're unsure
where you stand).

For those wishing to vote at the AGM but are not currently members, NEW


Vaskos Tsiatis
Secretary, Melbourne Wireless

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