[MLB-WIRELESS] Re: Was *waves*, is now grumble.

Robert Davidson puttputt at iaccess.ws
Thu Nov 6 21:34:07 EST 2003

Mike MacCana wrote:
> Broadcom isn't alleging this is an acceptable level or support. I'm not.
> And Linuxant is making  the best of a bad situation, so good on `em.

I think the scary thing about this idea is that manufacturers may see 
this as a viable way to support Linux.  Why write an open source driver 
or fund an open-source driver, or release specs so people can make open 
source drivers if you can just make a binary windows driver and have it 
work on Linux too?

In my opinion this gives manufacturers even less of a reason to look 
into open-source driver support for their hardware.

I swear this is bad news.  Time will tell.


Robert Davidson.
IRC: puttputt, AustNet, #mlug

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