[MLB-WIRELESS] Hey *waves*

Jamie Moir jmoir at jmcs.net.au
Thu Nov 6 15:30:46 EST 2003

On 6 Nov 2003, Mike MacCana wrote:

> For those of you who don't know about the driverloader, its a pretty
> nifty piece of software, as it allows most Windows NDIS drivers to work
> under Linux - so Centrino and Broadcom cards now work fine.

Im not sure if it is just me, and I havent tried either the broadcom based
cards, or driverloader specifically, but isnt this a monsterous con?

Half the point of the various nixes people use around here, is that they
have reliable and open source hardware support. Now it would seem that,
even worse than getting some cruddy binary-only driver support, horror of
horrors, we have to use the *actual doze drivers themselves*.

Could it get any worse? It would seem that with G, some manufactuer's
commitment is in fact getting worse, not better.


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