[MLB-WIRELESS] DLink Warranty Line

Mathew McKernan mathewmckernan at optushome.com.au
Thu Nov 6 15:24:17 EST 2003

Hi All,

I purchaced a DLink-900AP+ about 6 months ago. Worked fine for the past few
months, then the PS caught fire. No idea how, its running on a proper
sinewave UPS which also runs my servers. So I gather its almost impossible
it was a surge, the logs on the UPS show no fluctuations for more than a
month before the incident. The PS caused the AP to no longer work, after
replacing the PS with a regulated 5V supply.

Gave the warranty line a call, all sorted sending me out a form etc. However
I cannot believe how rude and inconsiderate the tech was on the phone. When
I told him what happend, I explained the incident. He was about to end the
call, "Fax this number, tell us the part and we will send out a new PS".
Obviously he didn't listen. So I explained again what happend, then
'schoffed' and got real shirty. Ended up with him getting irate and "I am
going to email you a form, that you are going to fill out, send into us with
the supply and the AP. We will then decide if you will get a replacement".

I like their products, but their support needs hell of a lot of work :-@

-- Mathew

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