[MLB-WIRELESS] Embedded Sig meeting tonight

Grant Diffey nevyn-wlan at artificial-stupidity.net
Thu Nov 6 14:08:50 EST 2003

The embedded sig of LUV is holding it's first meeting tonight 

I thought this might be of interest to people here. I expect there will be =
much discussion at the initial meeting about what the sig is going to cover=
 everything from VIA EPIA's as PVRs/routers/incardvdplayers to hardware lik=
e the Minitar AP based around the RTL8181 with 8meg of ram.

Greetings LUV Members,

Announcing a new SIG...

***Embedded Linux***

Welcome- Anyone interested in things Embedded- such as PDAs, phones,
MP3-players, DVD-players, digital cameras, routers, firewalls, servers,
watches, computers, and of course Embedded Linux!

We're here to promote the Embedded Linux Industry by providing a place to meet
and discuss ideas about Embedded Linux.

Details of our FIRST MEETING:

Time: Drinks- 6.30pm-7pm. Talks- 7pm-9pm
Date: Thursday Nov 6th


State Library of Victoria, Conference Room 2. Cnr Swanston and Latrobe Sts.
Enter via 'Entry 3' on LaTrobe St, opposite RMIT. 


1) Intro to what we do, what we're about, who we are.
2) State of the Embedded Industry.
3) Tech-talk- A summary of the major Embedded Linux Distros and their key

Cost: $2 per person.

-To determine numbers for the first meeting. Just email
danielng at testedgroup.com

The night will be sponsored by my company, 'Maintenance Essentials'.

Please also contact me if you have any suggestions for:

-speakers (perhaps you'd like to present something?- some work or formal/ad-hoc
research you've been doing?)
-anything else related to Embedded Linux


danielng at testedgroup.com

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