[MLB-WIRELESS] Info Society World Summit: Aussie submission

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Thu Nov 6 01:48:18 EST 2003

Message: 1
    Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 14:03:36 +1100
    From: Larry Stillman <larrys at vicnet.net.au>
Subject: World Summit on the Information Society Statement

Dear colleagues

If you would like to read the draft statement that is to be part of the
Australian civil society/non-government contribution to the world summit on
the information society, please download it from www.ccnr.net/wsis/. This
statement is being presented at a significant international forum.

Please provide feedback to me as soon as possible, as the statement will be
included in the Australian delegation documentation shortly.  Please also
circulate this email as widely as possible to colleagues.

Larry Stillman
Centre for Community Networking Research, Monash University
www.ccnr.net larrys at vicnet.net.au
03 9903 1801 fax 9903 2564

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