[MLB-WIRELESS] Linux on DWL 900+ APs

Jamie Moir jmoir at jmcs.net.au
Tue Nov 4 12:38:40 EST 2003

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Barry Park wrote:

> Posted on Sladshdot not so long ago. This chipset is used in the DLink
> DWL 900+ APs. many of the associated websites are in French (Belgians
> speak French, but with a Belgian accent) so anyone who's good at
> translations ...

Perhaps it is just me, but if you're going to do some hacking, why not
pick better hardware than that? B+ is pretty brain dead, and has poor
specs. There are clearly better alternatives out there.

1) Minitars' new ap, (incomplete) source available already

2) Netgear's new G APs & routers, these already run linux, and do it using
a G chipset with a maunufacturer-supported, open source, driver project.

That sure looks good compared to beating your head against acx100,
especially when we know the results will never be that good anyway.



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