[MLB-WIRELESS] Linux on DWL 900+ APs

Barry Park bpark at theage.fairfax.com.au
Mon Nov 3 17:01:51 EST 2003

Posted on Sladshdot not so long ago. This chipset is used in the DLink 
DWL 900+ APs. many of the associated websites are in French (Belgians 
speak French, but with a Belgian accent) so anyone who's good at 
translations ...
- Barry

Hacking Samsung 4510-Based APs
Posted by timothy on Sunday November 02, @07:52PM
from the making-waves dept.
zoobab writes "Some belgian linux hackers met this week-end to hack some 
wireless access points based on the samsung4510 chip. They have 
succeeded in compiling and booting a uClinux kernel on a Dlink 614ap+, 
which is equipped with the infamous acx100 wireless chipset. There's 
still some work to do, but if you want to help, open your 22mbps AP and 
try to built your own JTAG adaptator to get access to the flash..."


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