[MLB-WIRELESS] Minitar firmware 2.32

Grant Diffey nevyn-wlan at artificial-stupidity.net
Sun Nov 2 03:21:03 EST 2003

On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 06:53:02PM +1100, Grant Diffey wrote:
> Minitar have released newer firmware.. whoever worked out how to unpack it last time care to disclose how the file is packed. the old script doesn't work and I can't see anything obvious in the first 12bytes that seems to be an offset or anything

Worked it out. here's the script for deconstructing the 2.32 firmware

unzip -jo $ZIPFILE
dd if=$FIRMWARE bs=1 skip=12 count=$((0x18000)) | \
zcat ->webpages-ap.bin
dd if=$FIRMWARE bs=1 skip=$((12+0x18000)) | \
zcat ->vmlinux_img
dd if=vmlinux_img bs=1 count=$((0x16d000)) >kcoff
dd if=vmlinux_img bs=1 skip=$((0x16d000)) |zcat ->tmpimg.img
rm -f vmlinux_img
#-- END

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