[MLB-WIRELESS] Reality Bites - Was: node names - conventions and sub domains

Matt Pearce mattpearce at swiftdsl.com.au
Sat Nov 1 23:36:06 EST 2003

> Well, we have an AGM this month.  A good time to offer feedback.

We do have an AGM, but I think more to the point is less politics/committees
etc and more just building wireless networks.  Melbourne for such a large
population is doing extremely poorly in terms of the amount of wireless
networks actually built.

Let me give you a primary example of something I think is extremely poor.
For the outer eastern region which I am in, a mailing list was specifically
asked for, for this group, yet after a fair amount of time nothing was done
and people were still arguing till Ryan made one with Yahoo, does this look
like a team pulling together ??  I think not.

But lets not get things all one sided, Melbourne Wireless to date has done
some great things like the TIB and LOC finder to mention a couple (sorry to
those not mentioned but who put in a lot of hard work).

We do have a good foundation to build on here people but lets not forget why
we are a part of Melbourne Wireless, because if we forget this we have
forgotten our roots and then are for all intent and purpose another clanging
beauracratic bell, something which we dont need.

And to ask a question of the committee, what exactly is it you do ??  I have
heard of your existence, I understand I am able to vote on things as I am a
member, I understand some things have been voted on.  However I cannot see
the results.  Might this stem from a lack of my understanding or
misconception of the committees role ??  More than likely.  In light of
this, some clarification of your role and things achieved to date would be
welcomed and might appease the wrath of the horde.


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