[MLB-WIRELESS] node names - conventions and sub domains

Steven Haigh netwiz at optusnet.com.au
Sat Nov 1 11:23:04 EST 2003

MessageI'm probably the best person to answer this at this point....

The current wireless.org.au (w.o.a) was set up very quickly - by three people working on it at the same time, and completed overnight. This was because of a hardware failure, and we had no presence. We had to compromise flexibility for a quick turnaround.

Back then, MW was hosted on w.o.a - but for both political and functionality reasons, MW was moved to melbourne.w.o.a.. w.o.a is kind of in limbo at this point until the server is replaced with Evolution 4.

Evolution 4 is the 4th complete rebuild of the w.o.a server since version 1 back in 2000... E4 will have new hardware (and we may need some help obtaining a few items - specifically 2 x new 80Gb hdd's, raid card etc) but will be based on a dual P3 800, probably 1Gb of RAM... This should keep up with requirements for the forseeable future.

On the software side, the security will be greatly improved, as well as runing latest versions of everything. All groups will be on their location.w.o.a url, as well as generic mailing lists such as list at melbourne.w.o.a, list at geelong.w.o.a etc etc. This will hopefully make thing much simpler for both existing groups, and new groups to use the services of w.o.a...

As for using nodexxx.w.o.a, under the future plans, it will not be possible to do this, as it is not group specific... it may happen later down the track as nodexxx.melbourne.w.o.a, but I can't confirm anything at this stage.

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  I was wondering why since the naming convention for node is nodeXXX.wireless.org.au or XXX.wireless.org.au (XXX=node ID) then why not make the sub domain link to a web page on the Melbwireless web site. For example, the address XXX.wireless.org.au could link to the wiki page for that node. Or at least make that sub domain available for the node owner for uploading/editing.

  Is this possible. I don't see that it would be to hard to add the sub domains or is there a policy against this.


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