[MLB-WIRELESS] UK Net cafe chain offers cut-price Wi-Fi

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UK Net cafe chain offers cut-price Wi-Fi
By Tim Richardson
Posted: 27/02/2003 at 12:36 GMT
A chain of UK Net cafes is offering WiFi access at 30 locations in the
UK at up to a quarter of the cost of a similar service offered by BT. 

Internet Exchange says its wireless high-speed Internet connections will
enable punters to use their own wireless-enabled laptops for online

The hotspots operate on the 802.11b industry standard and can be used to
access the Net without cables by anyone with the right kit. 

Charges start at £5 ($A15ish) for 24-hours unlimited use or £20
($A60ish) for a month's unlimited access. 

More at http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/59/29502.html

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