[MLB-WIRELESS] Mounting Mast

Ryan Abbenhuys sneeze at igreen.net
Tue Feb 25 20:30:48 EST 2003

I've done about 4 installations now, all involved guying to screw eyes
through roof tiles into beams.

My procedure went like this.

Work out appropriate distances/angles to guy to, (either 3 or 4 guys,
preferably 4 depending on mast height), lift some tiles at each of these
points to find roof beams going from the gutter to the roof peak and adjust
positions for mounting points if required to make the points as symetrical
as possible.

Slide the tile that you will be mounting through down slightly enough to see
where the beam below is and mark this on the tile so you know where to make
your hole.

Drill a hole in the tile with a masonry drill bit slightly larger than the
screw eye you intend to use to allow for some slight correction if you
didn't line up the hole properly with the beam.

Place the tile back in place and poke something through it (a nice straight
bit of coathanger wire maybe) that will allow you to scratch a mark onto the
beam underneath.

Take the tile off again and drill a hole in the beam deep enough to take
almost all of the screw eye. Don't use a drill bit that's too large, or one
that's too small that will risk splitting the beam when you put in the screw
eye.  Also take note of the angle of the hole you are drilling, you want it
to be right angles with the beam.

Place the tile back on and screw in the screw eye, you want one long enough
that it doesn't poke out of the tile much more than the actual eye, but not
so much that it goes right through the beam and out the other side.

Give the screw eye a bit of a yank around to make sure that it seems
relatively firmly attached.

Put a crap load of silicon around the base of the screw eye to seal up the
hole in the tile.

Oh, and don't go falling through the roof, that would be dumb.

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> Hey guys,
> Before I go buy my mast and mounting gear. Quick question. With the guy
> whats and where is the best place to hold these into the roof?
> I have roof tiles and I'm not sure if I drill into a roof tile or simple
> lift it and drill into the beam and let the wire bend abit?
> Anyone have a site that displays how its done? or can tell me?
> Cheers
> Jason
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> > I'm assuming you're the right person to contact! I'm looking at
> one of my machines from a Linux platform over to a windows (please no
> flame...it's a client requirement *sighs*) - anyhow - currently said
> is doing a nice job of pretending to be a wireless access point, using a
> 3com WLCRWE777A PCI wireless card. My question is under windows, is there
> any software that allows a PC with a wireless card in it to 'pretend' to
> a wireless access point? I've tried peer-peer networking, which is great
> there's only one person trying to access the WLAN at any one time, also
> be nice to let the system pick the frequency based on which is the
> Any ideas?
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