[MLB-WIRELESS] Mounting Mast

bchild at wireless.org.au bchild at wireless.org.au
Tue Feb 25 14:03:57 EST 2003

As I've done before on a few installations, I generally take the tile out,
drill into it, mark the hole on the beam and then drill the hole in the
beam, use a hook-eye bolt and u should be set, screw & forget if you like.

Note always drill the hole a the tile to size for the bolt or a tad
bigger, and the hole in the beam a little smaller so the bolt has
something to bite to.

It's generally better if you can place them evenly apart and have it so
they are on the more solid beams or roof joists.

> Hey guys,
> Before I go buy my mast and mounting gear. Quick question. With the guy
> wire whats and where is the best place to hold these into the roof?
> I have roof tiles and I'm not sure if I drill into a roof tile or simple
> lift it and drill into the beam and let the wire bend abit?
> Anyone have a site that displays how its done? or can tell me?

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