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Has anyone tried this before? Please be sure to CC the original sender :)

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Subject: 	Wireless access points
Date: 	Tue, 25 Feb 2003 00:23:30 +1100
From: 	Oliver Lobley <olly at bplondon.org>
To: 	Steven Haigh <netwiz at wireless.org.au>

I'm assuming you're the right person to contact! I'm looking at migrating one of my machines from a Linux platform over to a windows (please no flame...it's a client requirement *sighs*) - anyhow - currently said machine is doing a nice job of pretending to be a wireless access point, using a 3com WLCRWE777A PCI wireless card. My question is under windows, is there any software that allows a PC with a wireless card in it to 'pretend' to be a wireless access point? I've tried peer-peer networking, which is great if there's only one person trying to access the WLAN at any one time, also it'd be nice to let the system pick the frequency based on which is the clearest! Any ideas?

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