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Grant McHerron grant at taoceti.com.au
Fri Feb 21 14:06:15 EST 2003


At 10:37 AM 21/02/03, Jonathan LOURIE wrote:
>I am looking for someone to help me put together a wireless link between 
>two buildings on Balaclava Rd Nth Caulfield. The buildings are approx 
>120meters apart and have perfect line of site. I require someone to help 
>me anytime during the day, after hours or weekends. It is an ASAP job and 
>I will pay for the work hours, the building/purchasing of the equipment. 
>We can use home made cantennas, or anything recommended.

I'm in Elwood, just down from Balaclava so I'm only a couple of hops away 
(as the packet flies :) I've not done any major installations but I'm 
willing to chip in and help convert some of the advice/guidance obtained on 
this list into actual, operational systems.

>At present, on one side of the link, we have a NT server with a linux box 
>(Dcserver) doing the domain stuff, ADSL, and 7 computers with a DWL-900AP+ 
>supporting a few laptops. On the other side we have 3 computers linked 
>with no wireless option in place. So the game is open to suggestion and it 
>will be fun!!. Any age can assist with the job.

 From what I've learned to date on this list and other sites, I'd go for a 
point to point wireless link between the two networks (leave the DWL & 
laptops doing their thing - not muck with it if it's working :) - get two 
new wireless cards, a pair of directional [c]antennas and two second hand 
Pentium type gateway machines either end (each with wireless card and LAN 
card) to form the cross-road-link. Hook the machines on the other side into 
a wired LAN connected to the g/w. Put security on the cross-road-link and 

Nice in theory and no doubt I'll get shot for suggesting such an expensive, 
wasteful solution but hey, it's what I'd start out trying to do if it was 
left to me (perhaps we should be thankful that it won't be? :)



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