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"self respected Marketing Exec" ...  is there really such a being?

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Its good to see that this letter has turned up. The ensuring discussion around what basically is a direct mail / flyer based marketing campaign.

It is interesting in that we've come to the conclusion that almost every company has taken about 10 years to get to.  We need to target potential users and work toward communicating with these people effectively.

Undertaking what is being discussed is basically a case of defining and implementing processes.

Here's a very basic one, full of holes no doubt and likely to make any self respected Marketing Exec roll over in their grave but then I am not one so there.

1. Define the objectives of this marketing campaign. What is the outcome that the organisation requires? - For companies this is usually x% revenue using $y. Here it could be x people with y connections in place z1, z2 and z3. Its really important to put measurements around these things. 2. Define the Target Audience - important as has already been mentioned because it determines the most appropriate 3. Define the Offer - what do they want, what will we give, what will they pay/give 4. Research Ideas and examples - we've done that already we got the example letter, perhaps we should find out how many responses they got, the success, problems they had. 5. Define the Delivery - What is actually going to be communicated? How should be communicated. (ties together the information from steps 1 to 4) 6. Test It - better to find out that it doesn't work before you put all your eggs in one basket. 7. Fix it - things never work right first time. How can it be altered to better? Shoul!
d it go ahead at all 8. Deploy it - Do the big push, planning makes this much more straight forward and methodical less frustrating and confusing 9. Review it - Did we achieve the objective? What else did we achieve? What did we not achieve? What things went wrong? What do we have to do now?

Items 1 and 2 are really important because otherwise you get confused when you are doing the rest and end up wondering what the hell it was all for. Melbourne wireless is actually in a very powerful position because it has a lot of information about its members (although it would be good to see a few more nodes fill out wiki pages). It also has strong connections with other organisations (the PC User group) and very likely a have access to a wealth of resources. It's already organised a couple of different channels of communication (Website, email, presentations, media relations) and we have some experience with Geospacial (is that how you spell it) information systems which separates us from most of the commercial organisations I know about.  We just need to get smick at collecting and processing the data we have to act effectively. This is something that I wouldn't mind helping out on.


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> > I think a letter is a good idea, BUT, it would be better to target
> > user groups, i.e LUV, MelbPC, underwater basketweavers (maybe not), 
> > etc, rather than Joe down the street who had no idea how to log into 
> > Windows, let alone setup a wireless link.
> >
> I take your point, but I do disagree somewhat... if done poorly, it 
> would
> bad.  careful wording, careful targetting, etc. would be very 
> valuable.

Yes, this is what I am trying to say. You need to target your prospects, and you should get better results.

> for example, in areas where there is a need to increased connectivity, 
> a letter drop would be ideal to catch the occasional vital interested 
> party that would connect a missing link.  You'd only have to get a few 
> to make
> worth while.

I dont know about that, to make it worth while you need the resources to print material, someone or many people to letter box drop, and the return will be minimal, if at all. This sort of marketting is akin to the very thing most of us hate, spam.

Far better to, as you say, target groups such as the bush (people who would
benefit) , and the geek community (people who would tinker). There must be a percieved benefit for the masses to get involved.

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