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Tyson Clugg tyson at wireless.org.au
Wed Feb 19 14:24:26 EST 2003

Dear all,

If you would like to attend the free public lecture by Ewan Sutherland 
entitled "The Rise of Broadband Telecommunications: How Australia is 
Performing", then you will need to place an RSVP with RMIT Business 
Events.  More details about the lecture are shown on the original 
invitation below.

You may simply reply to this message via e-mail to tyson at wireless.org.au 
   no later than 5:00pm on the 27th February giving your full name and 
e-mail address, and I will ensure that your RSVP is placed.  Please 
ensure that you do not send your RSVP to the mailing list.

Kind regards,
Tyson Clugg
President, Melbourne Wireless Inc.

PS: If you are particularly nice (and quick to respond) you may be able 
to get a lift with me from the Wantirna South area.

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RMIT Business Events wrote:
> Dear Melbourne Wireless,
> I'm writing to see if your members would be interested in a free
> public lecture about broadband at RMIT University in Bourke Street,
> Mlebourne.  If so please feel free to follow the RSVP details below.
> If broadband is not an area you're interested in my apologies.
> Kind regards
> RMIT Business Events
> Broadband: How is Australia's Performance?
> The School of Business Information Technology, RMIT Business are
> proud to invite you to a free public lecture by Ewan Sutherland "The
> Rise of Broadband Telecommunications: How Australia is Performing".
> Ewan Sutherland is Chief Executive Officer of INTUG (International
> Telecommunications Users Group) based in Brussels.  The INTUG was
> formed in 1974 to represent internationally the interests of
> telecommunications user groups by penetrating corridors of power and
> propagating the cause of competition, as it has done through
> conferences and written material.  Since INTUG's inception the
> telecom world has been revolutionised to the benefit of all users.
> Ewan has spent 15 years as an academic, latterly a dean in the
> University of Wales. He has taught at the Universities of
> Wolverhampton, Westminster, Stirling and Wales, plus a semester as a
> visiting professorial lecturer at Georgetown University (Washington,
> DC).  His teaching has concentrated on the strategic and policy
> aspects of business use of telecommunications and information
> technology.
> As a graduate of the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, Ewan
> has presented papers at ITU Telecom, OECD, ITS, ITS Europe, PTC, TPRC
> and a range of telecommunications conferences around the world.  Now
> he wants to tell Australia to "stop dragging its feet in the
> broadband arena".
> Date:  	Monday 3 March 2003
 > Time:  	4.00pm - 5.30pm
 > Venue: 	RMIT
> Business Room 24, Level 7, 239 Bourke Street Melbourne
 > RSVP:  	28 February 2003
 > businessevents at rmit.edu.au
> * *    RMIT Business Events    * * Tel: (03) 9925 5555 Fax: (03) 9663
> 0246 www.rmit.edu.au/bus/events

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