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Jamie Lovick jalovick at doof.org
Wed Feb 19 13:03:17 EST 2003


On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Matt wrote:
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> Right now we need to be appealing to early adopters who are
> interested in linking to a network that for the most part provides
> nothing ATM and to ppl who are willing to do it "just because they
> can".
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> Sounds like me :P its very hard to justify around $500 odd to link
> up to a network with very little on it. It has been hell convincing
> my mother .. i gave her some technical mumbo jumbo and some things
> that eventually would go up on the network and she said ask your
> father ... he knows more about this than me ...

For some people the startup is a rather large amount. With the community
that is developing here, with the inteligence and resources of it's
members, the startup costs can be reduced. People selling used
equipment, donating, or helping others set their gear up all goes to
making it easier for the average person to connect.

> I think one of the worries with situations like mine is that the
> parents are afraid you will sign something that will take what
> little money the child has. Whenever I have been to a meeting with
> people from sydney wireless, or other places my parents have said
> dont sign anything and dont spend any money. I dunno if its just my
> parents being over protective, or what... but in my experience,
> thats what is stopping my parents from wanting me to have it. Lack
> of content, and the fear of me signing things :P Admitedly, if I can
> get enough money up, they don't really care. but I think they think
> ive spent enough on my pcs already :P [bought a fair few things in
> the past couple of months]

This information is important for us committee and organizational types
to know. If we are going to encourage the expansion of the network, we
need to know what may be standing in the way of that expansion.

When we write FAQ's and documents about the network, simple additions
such as variations of "you don't need to sign your life
away" clarifications can help.

Content is something that is being addressed aswell. I am sure the
Melbourne Committee is doing similar, but the AWAi committee is actively
seeking out "free" or "permitted use" content to add to the network,
to be mirrored or cached on each WPOP/AP Server.

We see content as being an important factor of helping the network grow.
Feedback and idea's from members is greatly needed, and some people have
already made many suggestions. But suggestions aren't enough, it takes
talking to people in your local community and online, to see if there
are people who are willing to provide content on a "free" or "permitted
use" basis.

> ok .. well that was my [OT] rant ...

No, not at all off-topic. Thanks for your input.



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