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I agree Jamie.

Jamie Lovick <jalovick at doof.org> on 19/02/2003 10:07:10 AM

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On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 wireless at shippen.net wrote:
> A letter like this distributed amongst the community could create
> more trouble than its worth. Before long you will have action groups
> against the AP's and parabolic antenna's that suddenly appear on
> peoples skylines. Your nieghbours will start complaining that thier
> kids are in danger of radiation etc...
> What is the purpose of the letter? Membership drive?
> I think a letter is a good idea, BUT, it would be better to target
> similar user groups, i.e LUV, MelbPC, underwater basketweavers
> (maybe not), etc, rather than Joe down the street who had no idea
> how to log into Windows, let alone setup a wireless link.

I think that if a letter drop or flyer drop were to be done in a
subburb, I'd try and appeal to the most basic interest anyone could have
in such a network, with something simple like:

Interested in computer networking?
Want to hook up to others in you area?

Do you like services like:

- Network Gaming
- File Sharing
- Online Chat

If you want know more, please visit:




Melbourne Wireless


Australian Wireless Association

URL's used as an example only.

It's simple, if they're looking online, you already know they're smart
enough to use the Internet. A registration form could be linked off
those pages, which gives you more of an idea of their interests, what
they can bring or what they want from the network, and you have their
contact details for future reference.

Beyond that, the next step would be a body corporate/landlord letter
which should also be simple. Alphalink's wireless pages have prime
examples of how simple these should be. A one page letter, with minimal
information, and a number to call for more info. There is a chance that
some landlords may not even bother to call the number, and you find you
get rights straight off.

I think with a sensible approach, and the KISS principal, a flyer or
letter is a good idea. It is best for it to be co-ordinated and thought
out, so there are no mis-conceptions from the get-go.



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