[MLB-WIRELESS] Introduction Letter

paul van den bergen pvandenbergen at swin.edu.au
Wed Feb 19 10:08:24 EST 2003

more 2 bit [1] comments - 

use wording like

community group blah blah blah do it yourself suburnan network blah blah blah 
_relatively_ cheap - mention costs - eg. $400 - $1000 and emphasis one off.
explain NOT an internet service provider.

"there is no concept so complicated that it cannot be explained using clear 
simple language."

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 08:04 am, Ryan Abbenhuys wrote:
> Sounds to me like this might trigger off a bunch people contacting the
> group and saying, "Yes thankyou I would like free internet access, when the
> the Melbourne Wireless installation technition come and install my free
> setup."
> Most of the general public only know "Internet" they won't know the point
> or use of a private network so will probably just assume, oh, they mean the
> internet.
> Personally I think for us at this stage, the best way is still word of
> mouth.  Many people have friends who live within walking distance, they
> join up, then mention it to a few people they know, etc, etc.  Another way,
> is people see the pineapple juice tin on the mast on your roof and ask WTF
> you're doing.

[1] well, it is binary, after all :-)

Dr Paul van den Bergen
Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures
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