[MLB-WIRELESS] Colorbond/roof insulation interference.

Grant McHerron grant at taoceti.com.au
Tue Feb 18 17:22:26 EST 2003

At 06:38 PM 18/02/03, you wrote:
 >>Anyone know if you can take the attenuation of the colorbond into account in
 >>EIRP calculations?
 >depends on the colour...

You know, I have been biting my teeth all this time since the first posting 
about colorbond - restraint - holding back - not letting my instinctive 
reaction to raise the color issue get through to the keyboard....

No doubt many others were doing the same...

Finally, someone crumbles, collapses onto the keyboard and releases the 
comment to the world...

Resistance truely is futile, no?




PS      Thanks Michael - someone had to say it :)

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