[MLB-WIRELESS] war driving [was Enlarge your penis size naturally]

paul van den bergen pvandenbergen at swin.edu.au
Tue Feb 18 11:50:50 EST 2003

On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 01:49 pm, sanbar wrote:
> (i) War drive day. Two hours, as many APs as you can find. Penalties for
> lateness, bonus points for certain APs, deduct points for WEP. Find a
> sponsor for some prizes. Barbecue to tally the results.

re:WEP.  a better idea would be to classify the AP's on the basis of access.

I can see 3 categories

Free - intended Public Access Points
Ignorant - WEP alone (how would you tell?) - especially 48 bit - or completely 
open but not intended to be.
Secure - No WEP, but IPsec, etc.  May like tio include honeypots in this 

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