[MLB-WIRELESS] RE: A new offer has been added to TIB - 17/02/2003

Tom Parker tparker at netspace.net.au
Mon Feb 17 22:33:51 EST 2003


(I've cc'ed the list as this may interest others)

> > I wanted to check out the software - do you know which of the APs at
> > http://www.svec.com/Support/driver.htm#Wireless%20LAN is this one?
> are you trying to establish whether or not this AP will work with windows
> XP?

No, I'm cool on the fact that it is ethernet etc.  I wanted to have a look
at the software to see if I could determine what kind of stats etc. it gave.
I suspect it will also be the same hardware and software as another ap (eg.
dlink 900ap) - I was hoping to use the software to establish this.  If you
know any answers to this already that would be great.

I've downloaded and installed the 1500 one since it looks the most likely.
If it is then this is the same as the dlink 1000AP, very brain dead (no
stats at all),  but excellent value at your price.

Same hardware is important since it affects what APs this AP could be client
to - client mode seems to be chipset specific.


Tom Parker tparker at netspace.net.au

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