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grenville armitage garmitage at swin.edu.au
Sun Feb 16 18:48:36 EST 2003

Clae wrote:
> At 11:54 AM +1100 16/2/03, grenville armitage wrote:
> >       [..]
> >>  According
> >>  to the ACA, 'commmercial' is seen as an arrangement that fulfills
> >>  any of the following criteria:
> >       [..]
> >>                  + Provides a guarantee/contract of Service Level.
> >
> >It will be interesting to see how IP QoS mechanisms, if deployed on
> >an 802.11-based 'non-commercial' IP access link, might be construed as
> >a mechanism for soliciting-and-granting on-the-fly service levels.
> It's still best effort though, isn't it?  Not guaranteeing an
> over-all, commercially contracted and sueable QOS but simply
> prioritising different kinds of traffic, ie voice over filesharing?

Well, "simply prioritising..." is one specific mechanism that may
be used to implement service quality goals. In my original email I was
being too succint in bundling the whole gamut of possibilities into
the phrase "IP QoS". It occurred to me that the ACA's position (at
least as reported here, so I'm seeing it third hand) could be construed
to prohibit anything but best-effort IP service over free 802.11 links.

In any case, just curious speculation on my part.

Grenville Armitage

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