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Sun Feb 16 14:55:00 EST 2003

On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 darrend at wrote:
> Well said Clae... in my discussions with ACA and AG's Dept, they
> were both quite satisfied with our status as 'non-profit' and
> 'non-commercial' in exactly the terms you mentioned. FYI they were
> both very positive toward our situation.
> According to the act(in vic), inc associations cannot distibute
> profit to members and as such are non-profit by nature.

The same goes for the Australian Wireless Association, being non-profit
by nature.

> As far as providing internet access to members who are paying for
> that service, that complicates things a little and I believe would
> require some further _discussion/negotiation_ with the ACA.
> If someone were to provide a pipe for free on the otherhand...... :)

We have carrage service provider in Sydney who is considering sponsoring
us by providing a 10Mbit pipe, based on the idea of that their coverage
will be enough "reward" for their sponsorship.

We are still discussing this.



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