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Jon Teh jon at unicomsystems.com
Sun Feb 16 10:44:36 EST 2003

On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 05:04:43PM +1030, Jamie Lovick wrote:
> As mentioned in my original Email, this has not been finalised. It may
> not even happen.
> Regards
> Jamie
> On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, rik wrote:
> > didnt they say communitee/non profit groups could do it without a licence?
> > 
> > i belive i heard this being said


this seems to pretty solid from what I can see, in the latest
ACA Connections magazine (dead tree), there is an article about the 
clarification, I'll summarise as follows:

* Commercial use of wireless technologies - OK for use outside
immediate circle (usually employees) without carrier licence, if
it is a hotspot configuration, and not having multiple hops over
unlicensed wireless, and Internet access is OK.

* Non-Commercial use of wireless technologies - Internet access and 
other data applications OK. Not limited to hotspot setup. According
to the ACA, 'commmercial' is seen as an arrangement that fulfills
any of the following criteria:

		+ Assosciated with an entity which is a business/has
		  an ABN.
		+ Provides a guarantee/contract of Service Level.
		+ Involves the exchange of money for a profit.

If more than a few people want to see this article, I can get the magazine
and scan it in; but I suspect it's pretty much the same thing that is up
on the web, just more polish for paper form.

Hope this helps,

-- Jon Teh

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