[MLB-WIRELESS] 'Nodebusters' (WAS: Directional antenna's - non LOS.)

Simon Butcher pickle at alien.net.au
Thu Feb 13 15:53:09 EST 2003

> Can MW put together a crack squad of volunteer technicians (2 
> or 3?) that would be prepared to visit interested parties, 
> bring along some equipment and test connections like this for people?

If I had a car, I'd be one of the first to volunteer :) I think it'd be
important for MW to look into, considering I've been asked by heaps of
friends whether they can borrow equipment to see if a MW node is viable
at their site.


 - Simon (FXC)

  Any 'official van' would definitely require an antenna on the top, à
la television outside-broadcast vans (OBVs) ;)

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