[MLB-WIRELESS] Interesting death...

John Dalton john.dalton at bigfoot.com
Tue Feb 11 23:49:37 EST 2003

It could be lots of things.

The first thing to check in any electronic system is
power supplies.  Generally the power supply is the
least reliable circuit.  Capacitors are also a common
source of problems.

If you have a bad impedance mismatch with the antenna you might also
have blown the RF power amplifier.  Mismatch causes the
power which should have been radiated out of the antenna
to be reflected back into the power amplifier where it is
absorbed and turned into heat.

Damage due to static discharges can also cause intermittent

Connectors can also be a source of problems.  In particular if the
antenna connector has been used a lot it could be worn out.  Many
RF connectors have lifetimes of the order of 100 mating cycles,
maybe even less for 'micro' connectors.

There is also the possibility that having been opened the card
will never be the same again.  In some RF systems the case forms
part of the shielding and disturbing the shielding can change
the performance of the circuit.  You'll probably get away with
opening it but it it doesn't work with the lid off, try replacing
the lid.

There are quite a few 'how to troubleshoot circuits' web sites out there.


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