[MLB-WIRELESS] Interesting death...

Fenn Bailey fenn_b at smktech.com.au
Tue Feb 11 21:54:40 EST 2003

Hey All,

An interesting thing happened to me recently (that's an opening sentence to
get people scared). Anyway, I have a wireless network setup between my
loungeroom machine and internet gateway (for internet/mp3/etc).

Recently, it started getting unreliable - eg: connection dropping out, etc.
Checked the card/drivers/etc the lot and couldn't work out what was going

Though not much of it, except that it started to get worse and worse until
there was essentially no connectivity - it was as if the card just stopped

Started re-installing drivers, etc - I'd recently installed an SCSI card, so
removed that.

Eventually worked out that I was an idiot, and that it was actualy the
lucent RG-1000 gateway I had that had died.

All the lights were on/etc, but no connectivity.

I opened it up (knowing it was just a standard card inside), and the card
appeared to be correctly installed in the socket (though if you ever drop
one of these, I wouldn't be surprised if it could come loose).

Powered it up and it all _looked_ ok, but didn't work. The problem was, I
didn't have any orinoco silver cards handy to replace it with, so I just
popped in an Enterasys.

To my surprise, it worked fine AND fixed my problem.

I put the original Orinoco Silver out of it into a PC and it really appears
to be dead. Detects fine, the lights flash, everything works OK, but
absolutely 0 signal (not just very very low - NOTHING).

I put my RG-1000 back together and am generally happy now, except that I'm 1
wireless card down.

Can anyone think of a problem like that described above, that would cause a
card to get worse and worse until it didn't work at all.

I've taken the card apart (some), but can't see anything physically wrong
with it.

I'm at a loss (thankfully, I didn't pay for the AP).


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