[MLB-WIRELESS] <FOR SALE> Ye olde ISA Wavelens

Jason Hecker jhecker at www.wireless.org.au
Tue Feb 11 11:58:46 EST 2003

I did have a pair of these and they were bought in bulk for $150 each in 
2000 from an Adelaide vendor who was getting rid of them to make way for 
802.11 stuff.

The batch we got had a fixed frequency and I don't think they had the 
screaming range (see the Samba Wireless mailing list from 2000/2001 for 
specs) you seem to have, and they worked at but one frequency, 2.425GHz.

You could change the IRQ and IO port but that's it.

As for BSD, I am sure they have some alpha drivers now.

> I also have 2 of these beasties... anyone know configuration details for 
> FreeBSD?
> in terms of power and range, mine are 650 mW with a nominal range of 35 km!!!

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