[MLB-WIRELESS] linux / atmel usb / fragmentation

Graeme Cross gcross at fastmail.fm
Mon Feb 10 11:33:04 EST 2003

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003 08:24:47 +1100, "Matt" <matthew.c.boyd at uts.edu.au>
> Hi,
> I'm running a usb wireless connection and have had moderately common 
> intermittent connection issues. I've tried tweaking a number of things 
> (thinking I've had routing issues, perhaps even a weird routing loop) but 
> they haven't really taken care of the main problem. My device still 
> associates with the AP but I can't get packets through. Running tcpdump 
> shows some packets being received.
> Anyway, I had one of these episodes yesterday and started to play about 
> with "stuff I know little about" the first of which was fragmentation and 
> bingo, the connection came back up immediately.
> The device works almost perfectly under windows (but when its run from 
> windows its for a short time and with less load than when its in linux).
> So following this (possibly temporary) success, I'm looking into the
> "stuff 
> I know little about". Has anyone else had any experiences with adjusting 
> things like fragmentation, turning on RTS/CTS stuff? what values have you 
> used and what have the results been?
> Matt


I have a Netgear MA101 rev B, which is an Atmel-based USB wireless device
and I have been seeing similar issues under Linux (and you're right, the
devices work fine with Windows: this reflects the fact that the Linux
driver is still a work in progress).

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