[MLB-WIRELESS] Meeting On/Off

rabbit datec01 at optushome.com.au
Mon Feb 10 11:33:13 EST 2003

G'day All.

1, Is the meeting slated for the 14th still on this date. (I'd like to get to my first one) :-)

2, Is anyone who will be attending the meeting interested in a few hundred electronics, internet and computer magazines. they range from current to about five years old. I'm moving house and don't want to drag them with me again, so if there is an interest, I'll load up the hatch back and bring then along. 

3, Can someone point me to a howto on modifying a Galaxy parabolic dish or more to the point the LNB, I've seen a fair bit of info on galaxy mesh style reflectors but cant recall any on the dish type.

4, Where can I get an adaptor (prefer to a pigtail) that's Reverse BNC Female to N Male.
Unfortunately I've ended up with several different connectors on various antennae I've acquired or built and Imp try to avoid chaining combinations of adaptors together ( I assume there would be significant signal loss doing that)

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