[MLB-WIRELESS] Zebra/OSPF on hardware APs

Clae clae at tpg.com.au
Sat Feb 8 19:39:07 EST 2003

>The only ap's i know that can be flashed ot run the linux kernel are no
>longer being prodiced and they weren't very good anyway. Do you know of any
>ap's that will run linux and where i can get one?

The original Apple Airport Base Stations can, I don't know about the 
new Airport Extreme (802.11g) version.  The original is just a 486 
single board computer with an Orinoco PCMCIA card on board.  And  $$$ 
worth of funky industrial design in the shell.

There are others around, I'm hoping someone else on the list will 
pipe up with some model names.

I'm looking for the lowest power drain I can find.  If you can tell 
me the names of the ones you are thinking of, I would consider buying 
them second hand.


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