[MLB-WIRELESS] D-Link Availabilty

Jamie Lovick jalovick at doof.org
Fri Feb 7 14:39:53 EST 2003

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Doug Young wrote:
> > No, price is not a problem.  I bought one from Adelong early Dec. had no
> > problems with customer service then, needed another so ordered one early
> > Jan. Then was sent a DWL-900AP (no +) and then have had nothing but
> headache
> > and angst from Adelong ever since, calls not getting returned, emails
> > ingored, no stock, no stock, no stock, 3-4 days, excuse after excuse after
> > excuse. They have until then end of today to ring me before I post the
> whole
> > sorry saga on Whirlpool and email copies to every address I can find on
> > their web page. Probably won't work as I have tried to email them before
> > with no response. I am about to admit defeat and keep my $306 DWL-900AP
> and
> > tell them to go jump.  Then I will make it my mission to tell the world
> > about the cr at p service I have received from them.
> > Sorry for the rant...
> > Regards,
> > Michal.
> >
> Regular price for DWL-900AP from Harris Technology is $159

Has anyone ever checked to see if a DWL-900AP does client mode?



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