[MLB-WIRELESS] Best Radio and Antenna Gain Configuration?

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Fri Feb 7 12:28:32 EST 2003

> However, it depends on what you are trying to achieve. The 
> higher gain 
> (assuming it is directional)is great for point to point, but would be 
> useless for connects from multiple geographic locations. A 20dbi gain 
> directional is probably going to have a pattern of 5-10 degrees width 
> at most.

That's true, but increasing Tx power may or may may not work, even in the
case of an omni, it depends on the conditions at the remote stations as
well.  For an omni setup, I'd go for the card with the best receive
sensitivity (Cisco?) as a starting point.  If it's got higher power, that's
then a bonus, or you could add a small (bidirectional) amp.

A small masthead bidirectional amplifier can sometimes help, though often
you can get the same results with a GOOD AP masthead mounted (PoE anyone?)
> I still put the better antenna over an amp/ rx preamp anytime. Just 
> have to pick the most appropriate antenna and the highest 
> clear view of 
> the other end.


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