[MLB-WIRELESS] Evangelism

Kym Michael kmichael at sustance.com
Thu Feb 6 12:29:01 EST 2003

>(i) Who are you?

I am a member of your group (or at least applied awaiting response) who has 
attended your meetings and shares your objectives.

>(ii) What's your connection with/interests in wireless networking?

I am interested in creating part of the mesh in both Adelaide and Melbourne 
and also have a peripheral commercial interest.

>(iii) What is the magazine title, who publishes it, and who is the article 
>pitched at?

Microsoft Communique, you probably know their pitch

>(iv) If you are who I think you are we're not just doing your research for 
>Again, apologies for the cynicism.

I have an opportunity for press exposure for myself and my business and I 
am offering MW a share in an opportunity for blatant self promotion at no 
cost to you and some inconvenience to myself.
I am a also a cynic but rarely challenge people for their credentials 
before I answer a simple question in a collaborative environment.

Who are _you_ and why do you feel entitled to challenge my right to 
participate in this forum?


>- Barry
>On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 11:22, Kym Michael wrote:
> > A computer magazine for an upcoming article is interviewing me and amongst
> > the questions are the following.

Best Regards, Kym Michael

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