[MLB-WIRELESS] Ricoh PCI to PCMCIA cradle resource problem

Paul Tran paultran at optusnet.com.au
Wed Feb 5 04:16:03 EST 2003

Hi, I was wondering if you guys can help me out with a problem with my
Ricoh pcmcia cradle. I bought it on the TIB a few months ago when I had
my old Pentium II-266 in which I hooked up my enterasys roamabout
adapters. It ran fine on that computer. Until recently I've just bought
myself a new computer, an Athlon 2100+ with an EPOX 8RDA+ mainboard with
winxp. The problem is, the pcmcia adapters seems to be having resource
problems when I plug them in. The cradle itself doesn't seem to have any
problems getting their resources alright but when I attach my roamabout,
it detects and install its drivers but won't work. At first it says that
an IRQ is unavailable so what I did was disable a comport and used the
IRQ from that. Then it said that there were no free I/O ranges. Now, on
my mainboard, I only have the cradle attached and my video card and
that's it. How is it that it says no free I/O ranges when clearly I have
more room for more expansion cards. I found it shouldn't be related to
my roamabout cards as I attached pcmcia network card and it gave the
same errors. Would anyone have any hints to figuring out this problem?
I'll gladly throw up a few screenshots if it'll help.
Paul Tran
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