[MLB-WIRELESS] Melbwireless users to pay for Sneeze's e-mail flames?

Barry Park bpark at theage.fairfax.com.au
Tue Feb 4 21:58:16 EST 2003

No, not quite. But this announcement casts community-based helpdesks such as
Melbourne Wireless in a very good light.
- Barry

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From: Dan Warne <dan at whirlpool.net.au>
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Date: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 9:41 PM
Subject: Bigpond users to pay for tech support?

>Hi all,
>Just thought I would draw your attention to a story we've published tonight
>on Whirlpool - "Bigpond users to pay for tech support?"
>Telstra has been surveying users on whether they would pay for tech
>The question asked to customers was whether they would pay a monthly fee
>faster resolution of tech support problems.
>I had an interesting chat with Justin Milne, Telstra Broadband Chief, and
>I've published his comments in the story.

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