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Stygen stygen at wafreenet.org
Tue Feb 4 14:40:29 EST 2003

The structure of the network wont make a huge amount of difference to
QoS, save for AP's having dedicated links between them, rather than
using the existing client antenna to link another AP.  It only takes one
user to suck up all the bandwidth of an AP and cause hidden node issues.
Having more AP's will only allow more users to screw up more AP's :)
Karlnet is probably the best solution out there at the moment for
preserving QoS, and should be implemented once an AP is either
experiencing problems or is saturated with users.

Simple rate limiting and other measures to prevent users from destroying
AP connectivity works quite well, especially in a growing network.  This
is also a lot cheaper than Karlnet, which people will not be so keen on
purchasing at the same time as they setup their nodes.  So using simple
rate limiting and spreading the word about a freenet ettiquette to
preserve AP connectivity is probably the best way to build your network.
Once the users start to really enjoy the network, the cost of Karlnet
will not seem so high, as they are already know what they can get form
the freenet, and what it is worth to them.  Karlnet can be implemented
on one AP at a time without impacting on the wireless backbone.

Our network is growing rapidly, and has been in use for over a year now.
Some of our AP connections can be seen here
http://www.wafreenet.org/?page=backbone including topography.  A more
up-to-date connection map here http://citation.interlink.com.au/graph/ .
We have been using rate limiting and preaching ettiquette for that time
(example of which is here
http://www.wafreenet.org/AP/citrusnet/pages/wafreenet.html ), but we
will very shortly be moving one of our 15+ user AP's over to Karlnet.
This will make QoS much easier and less thought will be required to keep
the network happy.  As far as I know, Karlnet can only be used with
hermes based chipsets.  Happy to let people know how it goes when we
have completed the changeover.



jimmy at deefa.com wrote
>Hi guys
>below is an email from the Tassie list, with a link to a 
>proposal on how to structure a wireless MAN.
>Just f00d for thought..
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>Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 14:16:03 +1100 (EST)
>From: David Hall <dhall1 at ids.org.au>
>To: wireless at tas.air.net.au
>Subject: [Wireless] Bandwidth Proposal/Structured networks Article
>It's been a while since there has been some serious wireless 
>discussion, and now that Net Fish has had the time to upload a 
>little proposal I have written to help reduce the bandwidth 
>limitations of wireless, I would be interested to see what 
>others think and hear some constructive criticism.
>You can read the proposal/article here: 
>And I have made a 
>new forum topic here for your replies: 
>David Hall
>dhall1 at ids.org.au 
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