[MLB-WIRELESS] possible bulk buys

Simon Butcher pickle at alien.net.au
Tue Feb 4 12:25:32 EST 2003

Hi everyone :)

> Without much knowledge of PoE (and as the risk of procuring
> myself a fresh batch of Flame(tm)), does this actually 
> conform to the PoE specification (if one exists), or is it 
> simply 12VDC running over unused pairs?

For anyone who is interested, I discovered this morning that PoE does
have a draft IEEE standard (802.3af) which is supposed to be ratified in
the middle of this year. It appears true PoE injectors are 48vdc, which
makes a lot of sense to anyone who's ever done work in the
telecommunications industry..

.. Maybe we should be careful about what we call "PoE" here, so nobody
confuses 802.3af and other more custom made PoE units for access points,
and winds up with something giving off blue smoke and that lovely burnt
semiconductor smell? :)


 - Simon

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