[MLB-WIRELESS] DWL-900 chips

Jason Hecker jason at air.net.au
Tue Feb 4 11:16:10 EST 2003

Thanks heaps!  At a glance I thought the 76C510 was a FLASH chip.  Unlike 
what the 2nd link suggests, the chip details aren't secret, it's here:


Some funky bridge chip with a controller.  OK, the detailed data sheet 
comes under NDA, but it's not impossible to get.

At 03:53 PM 3/02/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>also confirmed by
>http://www.bozemanpass.net/info/wap11/ (same hardware)
>Jason Hecker wrote:
>>If anyone happens to have a DWL-900AP open, could you please tell me what 
>>the Atmel chip numbers are in it?

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