[MLB-WIRELESS] FW: [Syd-Wireless] [Wireless] Bandwidth Propos al/Structured networks Article (fwd)

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Tue Feb 4 08:03:29 EST 2003

> There are some members learning OSPF (ie. Andrew), but 
> generally speaking,
> there is a lack of knowledge in regards to advanced routing.

It's something I should learn as well. :-/
> I personally like Ben's ideas on QoS and stuff (*cough* mojo* 
> *cough* - if
> we had archives, check back to early last year :-P), although 
> i'd forsee
> practical problems in implementing it. (how to make sure it's 
> used, if its
> a complicated process to setup us plebs would be lost, etc)

I agree, Ben's basic ideas had some merit.  Just a bit of refining here and
there, and then the practical problem of implementation.  QoS will be needed
at some stage anyway, because things like games (I don't play them myself,
but a lot do) and VoIP will need some priority, while stuff like P2P file
transfers can be shoved into the background and use whatever spare bandwidth
that no-one else needed at the time.

> A installer/debian package/rpm that set everything up by 
> asking relevant
> questions and stuff would be cool...

Very cool... well, install the package and then have a routesetup.sh script
to configure it... :)
> .. that, or we get everyone to pay $50/year memberships fees, 
> and we use
> the money to develop a small box/AP that has multiple links 
> and does the
> routing automatically :) .....

I'd pass on that one.  The financial situation has gone drastically downhill
this year and wireless is lower down the pecking order... However, the long
term outcome could be positive.. stay tuned. :)

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