[MLB-WIRELESS] RAIDPort card for GA-686DLX

Lincoln Smith dagdamor at optushome.com.au
Mon Feb 3 13:59:48 EST 2003

RAIDPort is an adaptec pci slot extension designed to allow you to add RAID functionality to onboard SCSI controllers.

The onboard Chip is an aic7880p which is supported under BSD, linux etc but adaptec dont say which of their cards will work with this chipset.

Just thought i would see if anyone had experience with using RAIDport cards.

Lincoln Smith
dagdamor at optushome.com.au
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  could you be a little more specific on the RAID card ?? ie model numbers etc.  FreeBSD has a good listing of supported hardware at http://www.freebsd.org/releases/4.7R/hardware-i386.html this is for version 4.7 although you might want to have a play with ver 5.0.  I personally have had a little trouble with it and am waiting till it gets a bit more stable.

  I dare say the mobo is supported so you shouldnt have a worry there.


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    Subject: [MLB-WIRELESS] RAIDPort card for GA-686DLX

    Heya everyone

    I'm gradually putting together a machine to operate as a fileserver (so i can serv lots of..umm..stuff over wireless yay!!), and was wondering if anyone has any experience with using an Adaptec RAIDPort card in a GA-686DLX motherboard?  Also if any combinations work in linux or BSD?

    Seems to be precious little on the web..maybe i just suck at the googling!!

    Lincoln Smith
    dagdamor at optushome.com.au
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