[MLB-WIRELESS] Re: Love is in the air

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Mon Feb 3 13:12:02 EST 2003

> Oh come on, Valentines day is just perfect for the once a year effort.
> Simply show a bit of effort on this one day and you're SET 
> for a long time.

Well, I look at it the same as I would for any other group.  If there's a
clash, I choose which is more appropriate, and if necessary miss a meeting.
> (Not forgetting Birthdays, Anniversaries and Memorable days.. 
> On pain of
> death..)

> However, I have a fiancé that understands a geeks needs, 
> hell, she buys bits
> for my PC's. So I think I may just be ok in attending :-)

You're lucky :)

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