[MLB-WIRELESS] Re: Love is in the air

Tyson Clugg tyson at wireless.org.au
Mon Feb 3 12:23:46 EST 2003

 > Im having significant withdrawal symptoms from not having attended
 > a MelbourneWireless meeting at all this year.  (No Jan 10).
 > I have a major dilemma though:
 >   Stay married and take her out on Valentines Day  (feb14)
 >   Attend the first MelbourneWireless meeting for 2003. (feb14)
 > Hmm.  I'll miss her....
 > I dont think Im alone here.  Can we move to /third/ Friday Feb 21??

Erm, this was a serious oversight on my behalf.  I agree, the 3rd Friday 
sounds *much* better.  Unless anyone has serious objections, then the 
February meeting shall be on February 21st, not the 14th as originally 
planned.  Objections via e-mail to committee at wireless.org.au no later 
than COB Thursday 6th - thanks.  ;)


PS: I've updated the meeting schedules with the list of all general 
meetings for the remainder of the term of the current committee (and one 
extra) - if you are aware of any issues that may arise from these dates 
then let me know.  Check out the schedule:

    Tyson at wireless.org.au
  President at wireless.org.au
    B/H: +61 3 9545 8117
    A/H: +61 3 9887 0117
    Mob: +61 4 0889 7662

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